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Breeze is the breakout single from Analogue Spirit.

I love a good escapist song. ‘Breeze’ is certainly one. Analogue Spirit has captured a feeling that we all get at some stage in our lives. Lyrics such as

“Aint got no tether, Aint tied to no place, So come on little lady, Lets leave the human race”

certainly resonate with me. Matt Davidson wrote this song while going through a transitional change in his life. Brilliantly penned this garage rock sound reminiscent of The Strokes. This song is a must to check out!




More info on Analogue Spirit

Analogue Spirit was formed in the tides of Santa Cruz, California. Like the sea, they blend many different waters into one, fusing the sounds of their parents records and with that of modern artist into a tone uniquely their own. The bombastic power of the Black Keys, the raw energy of The Stones, and experimentation of Pink Floyd all rolled into one.

Their influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tame Impala, Led Zeppelin, Black Keys, Grizzly Bear, Joe Bonamassa, Twin Peaks, Kings of Leon, The Eagles, Death Cab For Cutie, and Pink Floyd.

Matt Davidson’s guitar playing is powerful, utilizing death-defying blues runs and creative chord structures. His vocals are strong and soulful, with meaningful lyrics. Fox Pettinotti plays the bass in an artful and melodic way and his vocal harmonies add thickness to the songs. Nathan Kingsley goes from thunderous drumming to backbeat rhythms, bringing dynamics and momentum to the music. Tom Delacruz switches between guitar and keyboards, adding a new dimension and atmosphere to the sound.



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