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Foxkeeper release ‘Rdy or Not’.


This is Indie music at it’s best! ‘Rdy or Not’ by Foxkeeper is one of those songs that just stand out in the hourdes of submissions I receive. The vocals are amazing and the unique sounds as well the message of not wasting life all equals a song to add to your playlist. Check it out here.


More info on Foxkeeper

The latest welcome addition to Nashville’s flourishing indie pop landscape, Andy Feller, newly performing under the moniker FOXKEEPER, hails originally from Tampa, Florida. Since settling into his new home of Music City, Feller has enlisted the help of top notch producers and performers, including Colony House drummer Will Chapman, to help craft FOXKEEPER’s inaugural release, The Beach Dream EP. With indie pop/rock melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and dreamlike atmospheres, FOXKEEPER’s style is inspirational, emotional, and powerfully moving, and definitely ranks among of our most-anticipated new local releases. Andy has recently assembled a band of talented Nashville musicians, all with their own unique style to bring to the table: Steven Pericht on Synth, Bass & BGVs, Jason Ford on Lead Guitar & Kyle Burchett on Drums. FOXKEEPER recently made it to the top four bands in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem and have continued to increase their radio play across the globe.

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