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MOBS chat to Jen about their new single ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’.

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I am stoked that MOBS have made a come back. I have always liked their music. Their new single ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ is no exception. I love the 80’s retro revival direction music is taking this year. This song is based on the 1987 John Hughes film of the same name. I was lucky enough to have a chat with MOBS about their new release.


Hi Guys, glad to hear that you have new music out, I saw you guys live many times quite a few years ago. Seems another lifetime ago!

Thanks for chatting with us, it’s always great to chat to people that have seen us play before and know what we’re about. 

Interesting that the 80’s sound is really coming back, many of my submissions are 80’s based, whether it is Prince or Springsteen. Was your sound for ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’’ based on a plan or did it take a sound of its own?

The song itself was part of a whole bunch of tracks we recorded last year, where the idea was the write songs from the perspective of characters in certain 80s movies we chose to write about. And as well as that, we listened to a bunch of 80s musical references such as Phil Colins, Go West, Tears for Fears ect during the writing process. Because of this, the process was very different to anything we’d done before, but we think it came out well

The song is based on not seeing what is in front of us in regards to needs, was this written from personal experience? I could def say I relate to this. 

As I mentioned above, the song was written more so as a character telling their story, rather than from personal experiences from any of us. I don’t believe it was because of a personal experience, but I know Jordan (Vocals) still added a personal touch to each song so it very well could be because of a personal experience he didn’t tell us about. 


I was a teenager in the 80’s, make you jealous much? Haha. It was a great time to grow up, watching movies such as St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club.  In regard to writing a song based on a movie as you have done two now is there anymore in the pipeline? 

Very jealous haha. We’re always saying that we would love to have grown up in the 80s and experience everything we write about first hand. Yep we sure do! Our previous EP included 3 tracks that were recorded at the same time as Some Kind, and our next single will also be from this batch of recordings. Very excited to release that next song

Some Kind of Wonderful I remember was basically a recycled Pretty in Pink but with a better ending according to some. Is this why you choose that movie to write your song about?

Yeah thats pretty close to why we chose that movie over pretty in pink. Jordan (Vocals) is very big on 80s movies, and from what I remember he chose it because it was how John Hughes had originally intended Pretty in Pink to end. And also he liked the idea of the person in front of you all along was the right person rather than the person you put on a pedestal from afar

You must be stoked about the radio play that you have received on this and your last single. Is this the first time your songs have been on the radio? 

Yeah we’re super excited to get the chance to be played around the country on radio. We had a single “Dark Side of a Good Thing” which also got a little bit of radio play in 2017, so its great to follow up with another single and get that opportunity again. 

When you listened for the first time can you share your emotions?

It’s obviously not something every band gets the chance to hear their song on the radio, so we were blown away and ecstatic when we first heard it played. We all celebrated together when we first heard that we were getting added to rotation. We will always remember these cool milestones the most.


Nice! The illustration used for ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’’ by Yoko Honda. Really took me back to the 80’s. Were you happy with her work and do you think you will be using her again? Super talented woman I must say!

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Yoko for a few of our releases now and she nails our vibe every time. The artwork for this single is actually taken from a future image that we’ll be using for another release. We did something similar with our last single and EP having them artisictly linked together. We definitely will be working with her again if she’s not too busy, I think she’s doing stuff with MTV at the moment, we’re stoked for her!

How was playing your first wedding as Dirty Mike and the boys? 

I love that you used our alias wedding band name! Playing a wedding was a really cool experience for all of us. We’ve all not been to many weddings, so playing at one was very special. Its always a laugh towards the end of the night, because you know which songs are going to get the most buzz out of people. We played Summer of 69 right at the end, and the crowd went crazy when they heard me play the first chord. I have to say, playing acoustically at the ceremony on the beach was a highlight of the day. We’ll definitely play another one day when we get the chance

Nice! It seems that you have not played any life show since late Nov, any reason for this?

We would love to play more shows, it is something we talk about a lot. We used to travel and tour a lot, but  the scene we were apart of in the past has changed dramatically and for bands playing purely pop music, theres just not as many quantity of shows as there used to be. We are very open to touring more though if the right shows come up for us

Is there a tour being planned soon?

We are talking among the band about a couple of headline shows or a tour in the middle part of the year. Nothing finalised or set in stone though at the moment. 

Thanks guys, congrats on the quality of this single and I wish you well for the future. 

Thanks for the kind words on the single, and thanks for chatting with us!

My pleasure.

More about MOBS

The song continues MOBS obsession with the 80’s by drip feeding a series of single releases that are the retelling of much loved movie’s from the era whilst allowing a more accessible sound and yet still remaining relevant in today’s market.  ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ is the second single of the series, following the release of their debut, ‘Say Anthing’, which was widely applauded by international media outlets describing the track as a “compelling pop song with warm production and an easily accessible tune.”

The band have spent a lot of time crafting their niche sound, mixing old with new to place them in the same company as pop culture stalwarts DNCE, MKTO, The Vamps, Sheppard and Last Dinosaurs – to name a few.

“We knew going in that we wanted to incorporate an 80s pop vibe, but we also wanted to do something different at the same time,” says singer Jordan Clarey.

The band – which comprises Jordan Clarey (Vocals/Keys), Michael Ashfield (Guitar), Matt Purcell (Drums) and Scott MacDougall (Bass/Keys) – has a rich history together, first forming in 2013 under the pop-punk guise of Move On Be Strong, touring with the likes of Short Stack and With Confidence and having released two EP’s and three singles. In early 2017 the band rebranded under the acronym of MOBS and released a third EP which saw the band gain some commercial success receiving airplay on Melbourne’s Hit FM and KIIS FM as well as live TV appearances on MTV and Channel 9.

“We want to show the world who we are. We love what we do and we want to continue to write more music together”. |



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