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Hammers announce “Homeblokin'” EP tour + drop new single, EP out June 22

10 Jun 2018 — Australia’s favourite Rock ‘n Roll Border Bandits HAMMERS, have clocked up an impressive first year since a line-up change mid 2017. Supports with CogDead Letter CircusBlack Rheno and Captives, an invitation to play Brisbane’s much revered Dead of Winter Festival, plus their nomination for Video of the Year at Gold Coast Music Awards have placed the lads in good stead for another big year ahead.

In the name of letting the good times roll, this July/Aug will see HAMMERS hit the road, promoting the release of their forthcoming EP ‘Homeblokes’, containing both previously released singles ‘Dead Set’ and ‘Speak of the Devil’. They’ll be popping in at a few locals across the Eastern Seaboard, dishing out their filthy brand of rude-boy rock ‘n roll, to any willing or unsuspecting punter up to the task.

The Homeblokin’ Tour
 2018 takes Hammers to Wollongong’s Rad Bar on Saturday July 21, Frankies Pizza in Sydney on Sunday July 22, Bloodhound Bar in Brisbane on Friday August 3, Hometown Gold Coast at the Shark Bar on Saturday August 4 and to The Tote in Melbourne on Friday August 17!

The growing buzz surrounding HAMMERS in recent times is a testament to the epic live shows the band has become renowned for. Frontman Leigh ‘Fish’ Dowling’s unpredictable on-stage antics would reverse the average age at your local bowls club. Fueling that fire, his band features HELM’s Lucas Stone on guitar/vocals, drummer Ruckus and bassist Ricky T truly leave nothing on the stage, laying down riffs & grooves they’ve clearly sold their soul for. Be sure to grab a copy of the EP when it drops on the 22nd June – you’d be fair dinkum bat-shit bonkers to miss a show should they pass through your neck of the woods.

HAMMERS‘ Homeblokes EP is live to pre-order now and will be released June 22nd on Summerland Records.

Sat July 21 – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Sun July 22 – Frankies Pizza, Sydney

Fri Aug 3 – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane

Sat Aug 4 – Shark Bar, Gold Coast

Fri Aug 17 – The Tote, Melbourne


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