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Lindsey Stirling, Opening for Evanescence, Inspires the Crowd With Her Performance at Coral Sky Amphitheater

Having watched Lindsey Stirling’s career from her brutal dismissal from America’s Got Talent, through her renditions of video game music, and her cover tunes, I thought I was familiar with her act enough to tackle this one with ease.  I was wrong.  She is a perpetual motion machine during her one hour and fifteen minute set.  With no less than six costume changes, three in the first four songs, it is a huge production.  Musically she is on top of her game.  The orchestra which backs up her performance is such a talented group one could see why this show works on many levels.

Young fans loved her. They are familiar with her from her many Youtube videos, dating back as far as the fan video of Bring Me to Life, something Lindsey made with two best friends, she plays at every show, to her dub-step steam punk “Round Table Rival” shown here:  She has certainly evolved with her audience.  This show has something for everyone.  The heat was tremendous and she warned the first two rows they were “in the splash zone”, “it could be gross or you might enjoy it I don’t know”.  She only slowed down for a moment or two when she toweled the perspiration from her face, presumably to keep her violin from slipping.

Her footwork and confidence on the stage showed how many hours she is currently putting in to making this show as enjoyable as possible for fans. Pretty great for someone who openly admits she is nervous before every performance. She paused several times to speak to the crowd giving personal stories of how she too suffered from depression and anorexia as a young teen and through college, and related her feelings of self-hatred.  Giving advise that we could all use with the current rise in suicide.  “You can’t get rid of darkness, but you can bring in light.” So for her it’s “an hour and a half of meditation, prayer and good thoughts” before every show.  She also admitted to keeping a gratitude journal in which she writes three things she is thankful for each day.  “If you bring in enough light, there is no room for darkness.”  Her entire show is a celebration of life, light, and spirit.

My takeaway from this show is she would be huge in Las Vegas.  This show is visually stunning, with a stage full a LED backgrounds, digital effects, colorful lighting, and dancers.  The chemistry with the entire production was perfect.  Their rendition of Phantom of the Opera was so strong several in the audience were moved to tears. A great finish to the show.   My only strong complaint is, as a photographer, I would have liked to photograph the entire show.  Her later songs, including Amy Lee of Evanesence joining her for Shatter Me, had great sets which I was unable to capture due to restrictions.

On the flip side of the bill, the headliner, Evanescence, to me was a bit disappointing.  Now doubt, Amy Lee has a great voice, but last evening she seemed to be struggling a bit, including on their hit “Bring Me to Life”.  Some notes were spot on and others were a little flat.  Perhaps an effect from being in the heat in a full ball gown, perhaps road fatigue, I’m not sure.  She rarely moved from behind the mic stand except to get a drink of water, and frankly, her band mates appeared a little bored.   They were seated on stools behind  her and rarely lit well.  If you were looking for a traditional Evanescence show, it wasn’t this one.  If you were coming for the classical music show, vocal issue notwithstanding it sounded great, and was a beautiful show.  However, the energy from where Lindsey Stirling left the crowd, just wasn’t there.


I have always been a fan of Evanescence.  I think Amy Lee is still one of the most beautiful women in rock and has a phenominal voice, but this was a let down.  Maybe I was expecting too much. As a combination ticket, I would have to say, because to the shift in energy, perhaps the bill should be reversed.  All in all I would give the entire show a positive review.  It was a good night out, and the music would be well worth the ticket price.  Especially if you are fans of either artist.  The intimacy of the amphitheater if hard to match.

Let end by giving a shout out to the band Cellogram.  For a duo their sound and stage presence was quite good.  It doesn’t hurt they also teamed up with Amy Lee on their song “All About Anna” .  The edition of the haunting vocals makes this song beautiful and alluring.  Check them out.

All photos and story by : Belinda Glass Reedy ( The Metallicougar)

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