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‘Out of the Blue’ is the latest offering from Max Parker

Toronto indie pop artist Max Parker has released a song that is enjoyable to listen to, sure, but the meaning and the emotions it can stir up is incredible. I listened to the song prior to watching the music video. After seeing Max in the video I was blown away to learn that he is 16. The maturity and talent that it takes to write a song that brings up feelings that are connectable is usually not found in someone so young. It is going to be amazing to follow Max’s musical career. Being young however does not stop you from experiencing the bad things that life throws at you. Having a very ill father and nearly losing him has meant that he has realised that life is pretty hard. Great message to send to other teenagers who in today’s society are not easily sheltered from the things that life throws at us. Also the song sounds amazing! Take a listen here. 

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