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Jen chats to Matt from Motor Ace after announcement of reunion tour.


It’s 2001, you’re driving home from work, flicking through the radio stations, and Five Star Laundry by Motor Ace is being played on triple j, Triple M and a bunch of other stations in between.  Then, as you walk in the door, the television is blaring and it’s Motor Ace again, with their iconic track Death Defy reaching an even wider audience as the theme song for the beloved Australian television series The Secret Life Of Us.  And you probably caught them performing at the ARIAS and across all the various shows on tv at that time too, that was what it was like during the peak of Motor Ace – absolute saturation, and even then people couldn’t get enough. 

Fast forward almost two decades and Motor Ace’s hoards of fans no longer have to wait for that highly anticipated reunion, because in March and April of 2019, the band we all love will embark on a national tour to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the band’s inception, kicking off in Adelaide at The Gov on March 29, then moving through Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and finishing up in Melbourne at the renowned venue 170 Russell on April 12.



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Motor Ace August 2018


Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received news that you guys are back together and going to do a reunion. What I was shocked at was the fact that it is 20 years! Can you believe that 20 years has flown by! God, I don’t like to think about it… very scaryCan you tell us a few things that kept you busy over that time?

We’ve all been making music on and off with various bands, playing, writing, engineering. And living normal lives too, having kids, working 9-5 jobs.

Back in 2001, I was living in Hong Kong but kept up with local music you guys were pretty young at the height of your success, can you still remember the feeling of each step along the way, for example the gold record?

It was a wild ride. When the four of us connected it was immediately obvious that the chemistry was extremely special. We locked ourselves in a rehearsal room for six months and developed a strong set of songs. When we started playing live in Melbourne we gained a decent following really quickly and got signed by Festival Mushroom with thin the year. We are in our early 20s, living the dream, with all expenses paid. It’s all quite unreal in retrospect. Triple J played four of our songs on high rotation during the Five Star Laundry period and crowds grew in all capital cities. The we dropped Shoot this and things went into overdrive with touring in Australia, Europe, the US, and Japan. I regret nothing!

Nice! I have this vague recollection of seeing you support Blink many years ago, when you get to my age I have trouble remembering specifics, but I do remember loving your set. Do you think that when you look out to the crowds that it will feel different as everyone there will also be older?

Yes I loved playing those Blink shows, it was probably the youngest crowd we ever played to – so much energy. It will certainly be a different experience playing to our contemporaries this time around and I can’t wait.

How is the fitness training coming along? Possible party training as well? Haha

Probably more party training than fitness at the moment! We all believe in aging disgracefully.

Good attitude! I read that you are digging up old footage, you are embracing the reunion very well! Have you found anything that has made you laugh? I can see some images on Facebook.

So many laughs… I have a photo album of shots taken during the recording of Five Star Laundry. We were locked in the studio for 14 hours a day during a heat wave with no air conditioning. The cabin fever was pretty intense and by the look of the photos we must have lost the plot on a few occasions.

Is there anything that you look back on with sadness?

The tail end of the last Shoot This tour was pretty ordinary as our relationships started to fray. I think this is a pretty standard phenomenon after sharing cabs, hotel rooms, stages, aeroplane seats, for six years straight. We took a break for 12 months which was an uncertain time and finally regrouped to produce our last record Animal.  I think we all knew that the time had come to wrap it up after that but we were all ready to do other things.

Do you remember having a thought 20 years ago that you were going to play again when you put down your instruments for the last time?

No, I honestly didn’t think Motor Ace would ever play together again. I am stoked that we are doing it!

Lastly I was wondering if there was a moment in time during your career that you wish you could relive? Can you share?

It was all good, and I am looking forward to what’s coming next. See you at the shows in April!

Thanks guys, hope the tour goes well.

Thanks Jen.


Within the first month of being on sale, Five Star Laundry went gold in Australia – a massive feat when considering what it takes for a record to go gold in 2018, with just 7 Australian albums having been certified gold this year.  What followed was an exhaustive touring and promo schedule, which included unbelieveable support slots alongside Foo Fighters, Oasis and Blink-182.  It was sold out shows every night, and absolute domination on the airwaves; Motor Ace were a staple in consecutive triple j Hottest 100 countdowns, and a mainstay on the ARIA charts.  Their timely sophomore album Shoot This was released in 2002 to abundant critical acclaim.  It spawned lead single Carry On that held the coveted #1 most played song on Australian airwaves for 8 weeks in a row, and Shoot This, debuting at #1 on the charts and achieving gold sales on release.  It was an electrifying whirlwind, as lead singer Patrick Robertson reflects, “In retrospect, it can look a bit like we came out of nowhere. But we did work very hard with a lot of relentless touring, a focus on writing great songs and energetic live shows. We always struggled a little to find a stylistic niche and felt a little on the outer in that regard. But I think at the end of the day we made some really strong connections, and hopefully enduring ones, with our fans because of our songs above all else.”  Drummer Damo Costin adds, “It was pretty amazing at the time, and something that I still feel very proud of… we definitely milked being number one on the charts.”


The band are thrilled to be back together to play hits and album faves from Five Star Laundry, and later albums Shoot This and Animal, for fans all across the country, as lead singer Pat Robertson says, It’s been 20 years since we were playing our first shows around Melbourne – at the Punters Club, Evelyn and Espy – and 13 years since the last Motor Ace show.  It feels pretty bizarre to be honest, but really looking forward to playing shows with the guys and most importantly seeing if we can still party!” Damo adds, It feels absolutely surreal, the reason being that when I was 22, and young and earnest, I had no idea that 20 years later I was going to play these songs again!  I am most excited about enjoying those songs again in a live space, excited to play again with a sense of nostalgia and giving my all with the guys.  We really wanna have some fun with it.”


And it sounds as though there might be some exclusive Motor Ace content from the Five Star Laundry sessions coming direct to fans, too, as the band have been delving deep into the archives to find some demos and footage that are sure to stir up those nostaligic vibes.  “It’s really cool to listen to the initial demos and to see where they ended up on the record after it had been produced,” says Damo. “I’ve found loads of footage from ages ago from touring, as well.  We are going to release some unreleased demos that we did before the records were recorded, including Shoot This demos some of which sounds better than the official recording.”


Since disbanding all those years ago, the Motor Ace boys have been up to all those regular ‘life’ things – families, kids and jobs.  But for what’s set to be an amazing few weeks of shows, the band are back together just like the good old days – although, in true Damo form, he jokes that a little stamina training might be in order this time around – “If I get to the end of the show and I am still alive it will be a miracle.  I am currently in training – send in all fitness tips!”


Motor Ace is Patrick Robertson (vocals, guitar), Dave Ong (guitar), Damo Costin (drums) and Matt Balfe (bass).


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