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Caan Capan releases single ‘High Tides’.

Caan Capan, after a break from being a member of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool after 6 years has comeback to release this superb emotional song. Caan Capan has said that his music is not for fame or how many social media likes as that has been done with  Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. Now the music is here to assist him in working through emotions and at the same time help others do that too. Caan Capan was inspired to make music again after tragically losing a bandmate who committed suicide by meeting London-based producer Mkulu three years ago. They clicked and started writing songs. ‘High Tides’ is the first song released that the pair have worked on. The song looks at the aspects of getting high and using this as an escape from real life. However it is also so much more as it is a questioning of that behaviour. I adore the intensity of this song and the smooth vocals with so much emotion. The next two songs follow the same theme and I am really looking to hear them. I am glad that Caan Capan is back with such high quality connectable music.  Even if you don’t get high there are other ways to escape what is going on in real life. Take a listen here. 

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