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Ponte Pilas release new single ‘Out Of My Head’.

Ponte Pilas formed in Feb 2017 with like minded musicians who share a love of good old fashioned Rock and Roll. Based in Berlin they have an international line up of Muso’s, Scottish (Calum Bolland ) and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera, Ismael Rivera  and Alejandro Iturralde. Their new single ‘Out Of My Head’ is off their debut EP  called ‘Young Perros‘. They have been promoting it by madly playing as many shows as they can. They performed a couple of days ago at Cassiopeia in what will be their biggest show to date. I loved the guitars right from the start and the song’s pace that is set from the first bar. I adore Callum’s vocals, they have a great sound and variation and I am able to hear emotion. Ponte Pilas is a band to watch in the future. For now you can listen to  ‘Out Of My Head’  here.


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