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Marina City release new single called ‘Addicted’.

Chicago band Marina City have a super catchy sound. Classified in an ever growing genre called ‘Aggressive Pop Rock’ their fan base is increasing rapidly. With many awards from the best in the music business there seems no stopping Marina City. Releasing a new single called ‘Addicted’ a few days ago that has the potential to chart very quickly. Their sound is indie rock based but with vocals that are higher than bands I normally share. With a message that being content is just as much additive to wanting more. However content is seemed to be something that we think is being fulfilled and good and addictive is known as being for things that are bad for us. Being able to mature is about taking a step outside our comfort zone and just being content won’t work. I adore the music as much as the vocals. Take a listen to ‘Addictive and see if you agree with me that this could be a hit. 


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