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London trio Organised Scum release new single ‘Fotograph’.

UK’s Organised Scum are a band with a difference. Not having a social media presence and an unusual name makes them very unique in the music industry of today. Over time they have melded different genres to become art- pop-punk. The genre they fall into does phase me, I am sharing ‘Fotograph’ because I love it. The vocal hooks are impressive. It is a quirky tune that has a great meaning. We live in a world that is different from any other time as we document everything with our phones or camera’s. We buy things that we have not seen but look at a photo. Even picking someone to go on a date with. Trying to live up to having photo perfection is dangerous and can cause mental health problems. I have cut my screen time on my phone by 80% this year. I plan on living the moment not taking photos. Check out ‘Fotograph’ here. 



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