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PICSEL releases single called ‘Fucked Society’.

PICSEL is a side project of Broken Fires. They have released a song with the most accurate description of our society today. ‘Fucked Society’. Just when we think… hey society today can’t get any more fucked than it already is…. Trump does something more stupid/racist/sexist and the UK now have Boris as their Prime Minister…  Australia has a racist uncaring Christian except of course for his mates, really the list gets longer and longer each day of why our society is fucked. Unless of course you are a billionaire and get tax breaks and kickbacks from friends in the right places. So I guess what I am saying is that I agree that Picsel’s latest song sums up our society perfectly. Lines such as ” Fed up of being alive, We’re licking dirt from the soles of polished shoes, As they continue to walk all over you.” I actually could write an essay on my thoughts on this. Actually a thesis! But I digress. 

Broken Fires wrote a lot of songs for their second album and decided that 9 of them did not fit their sound but deserved to be released. They started a side project called Picsel and released those 9 songs. ‘Fucked Society’ is the second single from their album ‘2nd single from upcoming debut album ‘Modern Life Discovery’. I smiled at the description in their press release that ‘Fucked Society’ is not a song that your mum definitely won’t enjoy. I am a mum of a 22 and 20 year old…. and I would love my kids to sing this song loudly! With me! Sorry! Off topic AGAIN!

Picsel have not not released this song to be in a revolution and neither am I (I wish I could) but I tell you it is great song to sing a long too loudly at home or in the car. Imagine singing it loudly with the band and a crowd in a gig! That would be EPIC! 

The song itself has a great beat and I like the offbeat drums. Vocals are clear and have a great sound. I am looking forward to hearing more from Picsel. Check out ‘Fucked Society’ here. 


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