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MYLK releases new single and tells Jen their top 5 albums.

Lovable indie rockers Mylk have announced the release of their fun new single Not My Fault, a hooky track about being a bit of a bad luck magnet, set for release on August 8.  The group have also released a fittingly entertaining and super endearing clip for Not My Fault; it’s a one-shot-wonder bursting with youth and personality.  And they’ll be celebrating the release with an exclusive hometown show at the Grace Darling Hotel in Melbourne on August 23.



Tickets available on the door.

Watch Not My Fault below.


1. Kings of Leon – Beacause of the Times

This is our personal favourite Kings of Leon album and really influenced a lot of our sound. We all grew up listening to Kings of Leon and this album has been on repeat since it came out.

2. The Pixies – Doolittle

Such a seminal album, the raw and unfiltered rock of the Pixies is a definite influence for Mylk, Frank Black’s effortless crooning that can suddenly turn into a full-on scream is masterfully executed over the top of some of the most memorable tracks ever recorded.

3. The Killers – Hot Fuss

Not necessarily influencing Mylk’s sound per say, but definitely an album we all grew up with. Every song on Hot Fuss is seriously great and some of the band have labelled this one of the greatest album’s to come from the 2000’s, a very big call but definitely justified.

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory

This is more of a nod to CCR’s entire body of work, but Cosmo’s Factory have a number of CCR’s best tracks in our opinion. Everything about Creedence Clearwater Revival is influential, and this band has been blaring through the radio since we were born, so how could their sound not infect our own music.

5.  Pinegrove – Everything So Far

A relatively new album, Everything So Far presents such a raw sound, with nothing over-produced and every song sounding like it could be heard in exactly the same form if the band was playing live in your bedroom. This unfiltered and personal sound is something that Mylk strives to emulate.



Not My Fault is the perfect example of what Mylk is – a bit cheeky, undeniably catchy, with idiosyncratic vocals and colloquial charm.  Not My Fault is an uncomplicated yet extremely effective track, kind of effocative of jangle legend Mac Demarco but still with a unique Mylk spin.  Thrilled to be releasing the track, Nathaniel Peacock, lead vocalist of Mylk says, “It feels great to be releasing this track after working so hard on it for such a long time.  We love the song, and to finally be able to show it to the world is exciting and relieving, hopefully it gets stuck in people’s heads!”  Not My Fault was inspired by a simple melody, and the song was completely written without any lyrics at first.  “It was while jamming the song instrumentally that we just happened to sing the words ‘it’s not my fault’ to the tune of the chorus and the rest of the lyrics just came together.  The lyrical content of the song is not meant to be taken super seriously at all, with the track aiming to be fun and catchy, and something to make people move.”

The clip for Not My Fault is just as eccentric as the band themselves, as the viewer is taken on a spectacularly quirky ride through a classic sharehouse environment with a surreal twist.  Working alongside Jack Wilson-Lee of JWL Productions, there’s puppies, hairdryers in the bathtub, backyard amateur theatre, and more, and it’s all tied together with a wonderfully apathetic performance from Mylk.  It’s tongue-in-cheek, but it has a lot of heart, and it does a great job of convincing the viewer that Mylk would be a pretty fun group of friends to have.  Explaining the inspiration behind the clip, Peacock says, “The video is a bunch of small sketches where different events occur that are seemingly ‘Not My Fault’, this idea of doing multiple lighthearted sketches was our idea from the beginning of planning the video, as well as creating the effect that the video was filmed all in one take.  We wanted the video to emphasise the lyrics in the song, as they do tell somewhat of a story.

Mylk are celebrating Not My Fault with a show at Melbourne’s own Grace Darling Hotel on August 23.  Giving fans a taste of what to expect on the night, Peacock enthuses, “We really take pride in our live performances, and I think we can all say that playing gigs is our favourite part of being in a band and making music.  Mylk gigs tend to be a great time, at least for us, with a fun and safe environment for all encouraged.  We make sure that our recorded music is exactly the same as our live performances in terms of sound, and that the shows give everyone a memorable experience and an excuse to shake yo booty.”

 Mylk is Nathaniel Peacock (lead vocals, guitar), Harry Bohmer (lead guitar), Julian Addati (bass guitar), and Ewen Stewart (percussion, backup vocals).



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