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R.E.L releases new single ‘Harder To Rise’.

Australia’s R.E.L is based in Sydney. Even though he is a new comer to the industry, his sound is more like a more seasoned artist. His song ‘Harder To Rise’ is not the usual sound that I share but I found something special in the song. Written about how R.E.L . being told that he was not good enough all his life and that he can’t realise his dreams, the song is pretty sad in that aspect and will be relatable to many. R.E.L. has ignored those who don’t believe in him and does what he loves, to rap and sing and produce beats. I like the song’s meaning ignoring people that are continually negative and put others down but it is possible to rise above that and prove them wrong. It is heart warming to hear that R.E.L has written this song as I do believe that most people can be influenced by the song and feel a sense of purpose and belief in their self. Take a listen to ‘Harder To Rise’ here. 




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