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Catholic Action new single ‘One Of Us’ is out now.

Catholic Action have released a song with a deep meaning that we can all reflect on and the song demands that we take action. In fact it is an issue close to my heart that  I wish I could have written myself! ‘One Of Us’ is written about the forced division of classes in the UK. This could easily be relevant to Australia as well as I suspect other countries too. The lyrics “the welfare son of a welfare son” is talking about how the billionaire-owned media and the Bullingdon Club that have created the division in the UK that is passed down generation to generation. The wealthy club outrageously puts the blame on us rather than take responsibility for their part in it. The divide and conquer aspect is explored in the song, as the media sends messages to keep us divided. If we want to change anything we need to stick together so the question is…… ‘Are you one of them or one of us?  Food for thought. One Of Us’  is not only a song with a meaningful message but has a sound that builds up and makes me start to feel like taking action against the oppressors. Well done Catholic Action on an amazing song that everyone needs to hear and actually understand. Take a listen here. 



Celebrated by Strangers set for release on March 27th via Modern Sky.



Catholic Action: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify
Modern Sky Records: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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