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Back to the Point release single ‘Saviour’

Pop Punkers Back to the Point from Ipswich, UK formed back in 2008. Influenced by such artists as the Ramones, blink-182 and Green Day, I knew that I would like their sound. Recently they added a second guitarist to the band, and with Richard addition they wrote their new single called ‘Saviour’. Back to the Point now have a deeper and richer sound than ever before. The band say “This song is an exciting first step in the next part of our journey as a band”. I am happy to go on the journey with them and look forward to hear more of their music. ‘Saviour’ has great sounding vocals for a pop punk band and the music is certainly unique and supports the vocals well. ‘Saviour’ is worth listening to for sure, especially if you like pop punk just like me. 


The band consists of vocalist and bassist Sam Trenter, lead guitarist Lewis Whymark. rhythm guitarist Richard Roebuck and drummer Nathan Garwood.

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