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Evan Castle & the Southern Tier release single called ‘Drunk As Hell’.

Evan Castle grew up in an isolated, low population place at the tip of Appalachia in Western New York, that always seemed behind the times. This was a perfect place for his creativity to grow as it was safe and quiet. Moving to Tennessee 3 years ago to follow his passion for music, in the hope that it would help him to work on collaborating and work on his writing. This certainly occurred! Fast forward to three years, Evan started to want to play real authentic music that his father played in local bars. Moving home he wrote and recorded his first single ‘Passengers’.  Evan ‘s second single ‘Apt. B’ came next which grew Evan Castle & the Southern Tier’s audience. Their third single ‘Drunk as Hell’ is a stripped back song with twangy guitars that is a showcase for Evan’s amazing vocal sound.  I hope to hear more from Evan Castle & the Southern Tier real soon.

Speaking to the motivation behind Drunk As HellEvan Castle & The Southern Tier shares:

“For me this song was about a time when I felt helpless and just wanted the night to be over. It’s about the feeling you get when something really terrible happens in a day and you look back at it wishing things had been different.”


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