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Jozsef James releases a new single ‘I am Human’. Check it out!

I love this song! My first thoughts when I heard Jozsef James’ new single ‘I am Human’ was that song sounds like INXS and he looks like Michael Hutchence! I accepted the submission then I learned that Jozef had played Michael Hutchence in the biopic rockumentary ‘Michael: The Last Rockstar. I was 14 when I fell in love with all things INXS and remember the day he died like it was yesterday. 

Jozsef James draws influence from Marvin Gaye, Talking Heads, and Jamiroquai and in his press release it states “Imagine if Michael Hutchence started a band with Prince and Peter Gabriel.” That is exactly right! 

Jozsef James is an Australian that has called Los Angeles home for the last ten years. He has already released two independent EP’s in 2015 and 2018′. He is now working on his third release and has just released  ‘I am Human’. This is an extremely catchy rock song that caught my attention straight away. I adore Jozef’s vocals sound and how contagious they are. ‘I am Human’ explores today’s way of meeting someone, by swiping left and the false expectations on what a relationship entails. ‘I am Human’ is a great song to dance to as it is hook-driven and upbeat. Take a listen here and keep an ear out for his EP as well.


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