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Ryan Nealon releases new single ‘Sleepwalking’ (feat. Kylie Rothfield)

24-year-old singer-songwriter Ryan Nealon has released a gem of a song called ‘Sleepwalking’ featuring Kylie Rothfield. Based in Los Angeles Ryan has studied at the University of California, Ethnomusicology – Jazz Studies with an emphasis in Jazz Voice. Ryan has an amazing voice that caught my attention. Having studied with many artists, collecting 160,000 streams combined, plus over 10,000 followers on Social Media, Ryan is ready for ‘Sleepwalking’ to become a hit. It deserves it! As well as his beautiful vocal sound ‘Sleepwalking’  has a great beat and music that allows his vocals shine as well as Kylie Rothfield’s. Of course, as all the songs I review do, it has a deep meaning. ‘Sleepwalking’ is about chasing that person that you want even though you know that they are no good for you. Ryan explains this as a black hole that pulls us in, a toxic relationship yet the love is still there for that person. Many people will relate to this! I certainly do due to a marriage in the past that Ryan seems to have written this song about. Take a listen here. 



Instagram/Twitter: @ryanealon


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