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Skyler Hunter releases music video for ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’.

Social media influencer and Pop recording artist, Skyler Hunter has just released an amazing video for his tune ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’. I was intrigued by the song first, I love Skyler’s vocal style and sound. I also love the way he does what he does as does not hide anything from the world. Good on him. Here is what he says about this….

Some people have a lot to say my expressive style and personality and I would like to tell those people thank you,” says Skyler. “Because everyone who notices me whether positive or negative affirms my true identity and the beauty in being unique. I’ve truly found who I am as a person and I’m proud to be myself. Be yourself, and let people talk!”

Love that. Imagine the world if everyone was open to being themselves, loads of negativity would be wiped away!

The music video for ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ shows Skyler building a rocket to get himself to the moon. I like that as this is a hope of many kids today, and certainly myself when I was growing up. As ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ is about taking risks and being yourself completely so for Skyler to do something that he wanted to do adds a personal touch.


 Please visit to stay connected with Skyler and subscribe to his YouTube channel:

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