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Lauren Sanderson drops new single ‘Upset’.

This song deserves to be a hit! 

Lauren Sanderson delivered a Ted Talk when she was 18 and she realised that she actually did not mind being in the spotlight. Stepping off that stage she knew she would pursue a career that would help other people in her own way.  Showing maturity beyond her years, Lauren was carving her own path, trying to find herself and accepting who she was, so she could help others. Earlier in the year Lauren released ‘Hotel Room’ and has just now released ‘Upset’, both from her debut album ‘Midwest Kids Can Make It Big.’

‘Upset’ is a song with a deep meaning. Writing from the heart that is relatable to many, Lauren really does have a certain style of her own that makes her songs meaning even more powerful. Delivering the lyrics in such an engaging and clear way makes the song’s message even more powerful. With powerful vocals that really do cement the meaning of the song of not getting caught up in what is happening in the world right now but rather strive to be the best person that one can be. I really like this message, as having lost family members in Black Saturday Fires and our Nation is on fire right now, I find it hard to listen to the news without spiralling in an emotional mess. Listening to this song this particular day has this intense impact, yet when I first heard it, there was a completely different meaning. Bravo Lauren, please keep making songs true to yourself so others can relate! 

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