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Magnolian releases new single ‘Caroline’.


Indie-folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan AKA as Magnolian has a unique raw sound that intrigued me to listen to his latest single ‘Caroline’ over and over. Dulguun is from Mongolia, a country that I have not featured an artist from before. Magnolian seems to have the ability to just be himself and make music true to him. Having already over 7 million hits on Spotify with ‘The Bride & the Bachelor’, the most-streamed Mongolian song ever! I adore the variation in the music and the smooth vocals of Dulguun that are really relaxing to listen to as well as having a beautiful sound. ‘Caroline’ is a song that retrospectively considers a past relationship and what might have happened. Although the lyrics cleverly include his awareness of how we look back with tinted glasses. I feel that Magnolian has a lot to offer and look forward to hearing more from him. Check out ‘Caroline’ here. 


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