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Andrée Theander release single ‘What It’s Like to Cover’.

Since Andrée Theander was 10 he has dedicated his life to the art of mastering the guitar. Given an electric guitar on his birthday from his parents, led to him writing music, having lessons and joining a music program. Andrée has a passion for studying music, including multiple university courses overseas. Back in Sweden he started working on his own music. First, he recorded his album ‘Strange Nostalgia’ then another album ‘Wonderful Anticipation’ and at the same time, he worked as a session player. This year he has already released four singles. His latest single ‘What It’s Like to Cover’ caught my attention as it is super contagious and not easily forgotten after one listen. I love Andrée’s emotional filled vocals and of course, love his guitar playing. This catchy tune is a must listen to and more than once. You can do that here. 


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