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Fan Girl drop new single ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’.

Melbourne rockers Fan Girl have just released their second single of 2019 called ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’. 2018 was a quiet year, when the band members were mourning from the tragic death of band member & best friend Jack Wood. Frontman Noah Harris states “After Jack’s passing, we put everything on hold, but ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’ was the first thing we eventually started chipping away at. It just felt right,”  It is admirable that the band have been able to keep writing music and performing as a band. Releasing a new single called ‘Fox Song’ and they appeared at BIGSOUND. 

‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’ features Merpire and Hannah Blackburn on angelic, ethereal backing vocals, and Tom Dowling of RAT!hammock lending some demonic, gritty guitar. The song evolved from a riff written by guitarist Vincent McIntyre. I really love that riff! Vocals are brilliant with the three sounds adding depth to the song. ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’ is a very entertaining song that is a must listen to. 





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