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Jemma Siles releases new single ‘out of my head’.

Melbourne based pop singer/songwriter Jemma Siles has twice won the Australian Pop Songwriter of the Year’ title, in 2018 and 2019. She has over 30,000 followers on her social media accounts which continue to grow. She has a solid work ethic plus of course her own natural talent and is here to stay. She has just released a new single called ‘out of my head’. This song highlights the importance of mental health. Notice that the song’s title is all in lower caps, this was intentional and Jemma says that the lyrics in the song should all be in CAPS. 

‘out of my head’ starts out with soft music and Jemma’s vocals gently beginning and builds slowly. The lyrics plead for Jemma to be assisted to get out of her head. With clever lyrics like ‘”Feel like I am losing my mind, maybe I am wasting my time, but I have been wondering, can you get out of my head.” With the “can you get out of my head.” always being sung the same way with an emphasis on each word, this makes more of an impact that just singing in. Another example of Jemma’s songwriting talent. Jemma will also release an article that discusses mental health in our society and where to seek help if needed. There may be a music video as well, let’s keep our fingers crossed on that. Check out ‘out of my head’ here. You will thoroughly enjoy it just like I do.

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