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WRENN drops new single called ‘Craigslist Personals’.

I first heard WRENN when I listened to her first single ‘Psychosexual’ and reviewed that here. Back then I said that she was an artist who was going to take the Indie world by storm. WRENN has a huge amount of talent who has proven this once again with her new single ‘Craigslist Personals’. WRENN has one of the best vocals I have heard from a new artist in a long time. It is gritty yet soft and strong. It is also very difficult to describe so you are going to want to listen for yourself. ‘Craigslist Personals’ was written after she had a dream while suffering from the flu. With a fever, she dreamt that she was still in love with her ex-girlfriend and was in her parent’s house. Living through delusions, her ex-partner had found someone new and dressed them up in her clothes. The whole experience was like a personal add, hence the song being called ‘Craigslist Personals’. Wrenn is around to stay in the indie genre and I look forward to what is next. Take a listen to ‘Craigslist Personals’ here.


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