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Hannah Ashcroft releases new single ‘Landfire’.

📸 Dan Wiebe photography

Hannah Ashcroft is a picture-perfect example of how indie folk music can be. Her sound is unique and her vocal sound is beautiful, although that word does not do it justice. I love her mastery of the guitar and the storytelling songs. Hannah is inspired by 60s songwriters, 90s alternative and a love of classical literature so no wonder her songs have a meaningful narrative. Her latest single called ‘Landfire’ was written in South Australia and recorded in Manchester at Pinhole Sound Studio and features members of The Travelling Band and BC Camplight.

Hannah states this about ‘Landfire’. “The track evolved from an intense living situation while working in the outback. It was a strange sensation, feeling both socially overwhelmed and completely isolated in a small, rural town.”

I love songs about Australia and ‘Landfire’ is a great example. Take a listen to Hannah’s pure and raw talent demonstrated in ‘Landfire’ here.



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