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Prince Fox drops new single ‘Same Love’.

Sam Lassner aka Prince Fox is no newcomer to the music industry. Working with many artists he has millions of streams already. Sam is about to add to that total as his new single called ‘Same Love’ is worthy of so many listens! Sam classes his new sound as ‘pop that knocks’ which I think is spot on!  Prince Fox is a one-man band who does everything himself, producing, engineering, singing, and performing all instruments of his new tracks. 

His new single ‘Same Love’ is the second single from Prince Fox’s EP that will be released next year. The track was written by Prince Fox and Chaz Cardigan and Dylan Ander Spotify Secret Genius session. I choose this song to review as I really adored the music and the variation in Prince Fox’s vocals. It is catchy and I found myself singing it for the rest of the day. Which could have been a bad thing but in this instance it was good! Check out ‘Same Love’ here.

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Check out Prince Fox’s cover of my favourite song and band ‘Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World. I love it.

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