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Transit Club release new single ‘Go. Flow’.

Transit Club is a Swedish-Canadian alt-pop music collective based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Their music is called “spontaneously playful as it is impulsively emotional. ” Listening to their new single called ‘Go. Flow’, I can understand why this description is in their press release. ‘Go. Flow’ is a rather unique song, with vocals that are strong in the for front yet the music seems to be able to shine through. Steves vocal sound is amazing, and when Agnes joins him the harmonies are out of this world. Of course adding to the listening experience is the musicians, Olle , Frej, Niklas and Olle. (there are two Olle’s!) I think that Transit Club are a band to watch and if ‘Go. Flow’ is any indication of future songs then we are in for a treat in the future. Check out ‘Go. Flow’ here. 


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