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Hazlett releases single ‘Monsters’.

Hazlett spent years ghostwriting and playing in various rhythm sections in Australia and has now left this behind him with a move to Stockholm. Producer Freddy Alexander has helped Hazlett start his solo project. Hazlett also has spent much of this year touring Europe and Australia and will continue to do so in 2020. Hazlett is an honest writer and his lyrics come directly from his heart. His newest single called ‘Monsters’ was inspired by a bar that opened up in his Hometown and people all converged to it.  Hazlett describes the bar as having a soap opera at every corner as there was many dramas going on. After Hazlett caught himself judging these people he found that he did not like himself very much. Judging these people by the actions today does not mean that these people are always going to do horrible things. We are all humans and we are allowed to be ‘Monsters’ sometimes. 

I liked ‘Monsters from the start. It is a smooth song and the guitar playing is incredible. Once I heard one line of Hazett’s vocals I knew that I would review ‘Monsters’. It is a very relatable song and one that stays in the mind long after you hear. (in a good way!). Take a listen to Monsters here. 



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