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Dralms releases new single called ‘Gracious Host’.

Dralms is the solo project of Christopher Smith who is about to release a new album called ‘Love Writes Itself’. The sound of ‘Love Writes Itself’ is a little different from the Electronic sound from his 2015 debut ‘Shook’ as it moves towards using different instruments like strings and woodwinds. Christopher wrote ‘Love Writes Itself’ over three years. The album brings a “sense of loss and longing – sex and despair and through chlorophyll-scented lens” (press release) Dralms new single called ‘Gracious Host’ is a perfect showcase for Christopher’s beautiful vocals that pleads for a person that if they go they are never to return.  ‘Gracious Host’ really does have a way of getting in my brain and I keep singing it all day. When I listen to Gracious Host’, my heart aches due to the song being very relatable to a time in my life that I have not thought about in a long time. Christopher does write songs that are connectable so take a listen here to see if you agree. 









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