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Archie Faulks drops new single called ‘Foreign Kiss’.

Archie Faulks is an artist who deserves to have his music heard by the world. This London based singer-songwriter has just released a gem of a song called ‘Foreign Kiss’. With over 2 million streams from his previously released singles, radio plays on BBC Radio 1 and Radio X and Festival spots and shows with Isaac Gracie, Rue Royal, Luke Sital-Singh and Delilah Montagu Archie is ready to become a household name. ‘Foreign Kiss’ will appear on his ‘Longing in London’ EP due out on Valentines Day 2020. 

‘Foreign Kiss’ is a perfect showcase by Archie’s incredible and amazing vocal sound. They are filled with emotion that makes me want to give a hug to Archie to make him feel better. The song’s meaning is what you have to deal with as a relationship comes to an end. With swirling emotions of sadness and this being also, a time to look to the future for someone new and knowing that you will never care for someone as much s your ex. In  ‘Foreign Kiss’ the story is that he was falling for someone that lives under the same room but both of these people are mourning the end of a relationship. ‘Foreign Kiss’ is well written and very enjoyable to listen to. You can do that here.

Archie will appear live at the following dates:

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