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D’Urberville releases new single called ‘Belong to Me’.

Adelaide’s pop-soul band D’Urberville is fronted by vocalist, trombonist and songwriter Mallory Steele. The name of the band is inspired by Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles written in 1891. I remember reading this book a long time ago and it was about how Tess coped with gender equality and classism. Tess was super resilience and D’Urberville was influenced by this. The female-led band is a gesture towards reclaiming the name on her behalf. 

D’Urberville has just released a new single called ’Belong to Me’ tells a story of sorrow, about finding somebody to be with and try to accept that is was just for one night. I like how the song builds up to the chorus and the use of instruments that are not used much anymore, for example, organ, trumpet, trombone and sax. Mallory Steele vocals are unique and really made the song stand out from the crowd. The music also made the song more interesting and engaging. Take a listen to ’Belong to Me’ here.



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