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Jules Gabriel releases new single ‘Tides’.

Jules Gabriel is a Swedish born songwriter/producer and has previously worked with Robyn, Nervo, Steve Aioki, Loreen and Harrison Miya of Cape Town. Now he has decided to do a solo project. Taking inspiration from family, history, spirituality and nordic nature. His latest single, ‘Tides’ was recorded in his grandma’s old house and uses unique whistling, emotionally filled vocals as well as kicking the sofa and his mum complaining that was used in the intro! I have not reviewed a song that has done that before! ‘Tides’ meaning is that wounds will be cleansed by the tides. I like that idea, as the tides will always happen so healing from love, hurt, deceit can be healed in many tides to come. Take a listen here to Jules amazing vocals and unique to say the least music in his latest song called ‘Tides’.


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