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Rachel Shaps releases new single called ‘Getting Over You (feat. Bellla)

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Rachel Shaps is a singer-songwriter that has been exposed to music all her life. Her grandmother Eartha Kitt took Rachel travelling to shows and encouraged her to write songs. Rachel was blessed with an insanely beautiful voice that she is using to its full potential. Rachel’s songs fit in with a few genres, her music is a mix of pop alternative and soul. 

Her latest single ‘Getting Over You’ is a song about a breakup yet it is a positive one. After a breakup that leaves you heartbroken, it is very hard to get over. Rachel has captured perfectly the feeling of sadness that is difficult to see that it will ever go away.  Even when it feels like there is no end in sight, time will heal the wounds. Days pass by even so slowly and we can take comfort in that time actually does go by. It is a happy positive song with a great beat and a great song to sing loudly with your friends. ‘Getting Over You’ is a perfect song to hear how great Rachel’s vocal sound is. There is so much variation that makes ‘Getting Over You’ so engaging. Take a listen here.


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