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Diverse Music Festival FOMO a huge success!

Review written by Kit Lindsey

FOMO Festival is a festival for all, with such a diversity of musicians and fans throughout the day it’s not hard to see why it is such a successful up and coming festival. 


Some of the highlights along with the great music throughout the day was the festival energy. So many people had gone all out with their festival outfits as well as the festival being managed so well, there was hardly a moment between sets meaning less waiting and more enjoying. The food and drink trucks were great as well, and the drug safety around the festival was successful. 

Some of the highlight sets for me were Rico Nasty, with her raw style and great crowd interactions she set the early afternoon off with a bang. Later in the afternoon, we had a trilogy of amazing sets from Lizzo, Madeon and Brockhampton. Lizzo’s sas could be felt throughout the Showgrounds from the moment she stepped on stage. Her voice held so much power along with her great stage presence her performance was truly a great sight to see. Madeon’s performance of the Good Faith tour was a huge highlight for the day. Playing hits from his new album along with flecks of his backlog live Hugo brought the crowd alive. He was singing as well as performing on his various instruments with an amazing visual light show behind him. Madeon is always a delight to see. Brockhampton were, to say the least amazing to watch 6 of the members back and forthing with each other was truly amazing, they bring such an awesome vibe and sound as good live as they do recorded and it was great to watch the boy band kill it live. 

Throughout the day each artist brought such different vibes to the day but that’s what made the whole day so great, to see so many people from so many subcultures all together to enjoy one festival together was delightful and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great day out.


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