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SHY Nodi releases new single ‘Westside’.

Photo / Cover Art Credit: Hampus Hjellström 

Nirob Islam AKA SHY Nodi is no newcomer to the music industry. He has already had valuable experience and exposure on The Chainsmokers hit ‘All We Know’, NOTD’s ‘I Wanna Know’, and ‘The Ocean’ by Mike Perry and SHY Martin. He sure does stand out with his excellent songwriting skills and incredible vocals. Islam has managed to combine his music with also following his dream of connecting with people and having himself a sense of belonging. 

Islam found his inspiration for ‘Westside’  from the his own life’s journey with his best friend. The song reminds people not to overthink things, maybe Islam write this song for me! As I come from a long line of overthinkers in my family. I encourage you to listen as I am sure you will enjoy Islam’s smooth vocals and contagious music. You can do that here.

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