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Pink Roses release single ‘dreamin’.

Dave Fontenot and Nate Tepper who were Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs left that life behind and committed to follow their passion for music. A gamble for sure, but when you have the talent and drive like Dave and Nate have then anything is impossible! They have already reached 500,000+ streams in 6 months with only 3 releases so far. Their latest single ‘dreamin’ caught my attention in a few ways. Firstly I really loved the vocal style and sound. Secondly, the music was catchy and interesting, I do love electro-pop done their way. The meaning of the song was also relatable to many about dreaming about leaving someone. It is an encouragement for people to work hard so they can leave the place/relationship/job that they may be stuck in. Take a listen to Pink Roses ‘dreamin’ here. 

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