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VCAGE releases new single ‘Show is over’.

Multi-instrumentalist VCAGE while applying his skills on the keyboard, guitar, percussions, bottles and pizza boxes has used his creative vision to produce a song called ‘Show is over’. VCAGE is a Berklee College of Music graduate who is gifted as he can make music out of items in front of him. Berklee College of Music is a great showcase for his amazing vocals that are filled with emotion. I connected to this song as I have been in a relationship that I stayed in even knowing that it was going nowhere. Singing along with the lyrics, I laughed when I heard the last two words of the lyrics as they are very fitting. Take a listen to ‘Show is over’ to find out. Also, I encourage you to keep an ear out for more of VCAGE as I feel his momentum is rising and there is so much more to enjoy coming our way. 



During my research on VCAGE, I came across another song called ‘Dancer that has just been released. The contrast between the two songs is incredible. Both amazing songs.  Take a listen here.

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