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Heartracer drops single called ‘Darling’.

Hit alert!

I love a song with a brilliant baseline and I have found one in Heartracer’s ‘Darling’.  Thanks Wes! Actually, this song has all the elements that I love, strong vocals with a great sound, brothers Chris and Chip Cosby certainly have that covered. ‘Darling’ has the momentum of building up to and the chorus and since I first listened I have had the tune in my head and singing it loud often. I won’t leave out the drummer, you can see the energy that Bryan has in the music video and his steady beats support the song throughout. ‘Darling has stops and starts and keeps my interest up due to this. There is a Justin Timberlake touch in part of the video if it is not my imagination. Seriously there are so many great aspects to this song I could write an essay. 

The band is called Heartracer due to Chris’s Tachycardia diagnosis. I understand this as my husband has this condition and I can hear his heartbeat race then slow down. The band says that “”Darling,” like much of the band’s song work, mimics the emotional jumpstarts and comedowns of navigating love, and either rejoicing in the triumph or wandering the ruins. One minute a low-key nervous energy, a staccato, angular bass groove and electronic clap-kick dominate.”  This is so true! After reading this, then listening again I could hear that. 

As I start another paragraph I feel that this review is indeed turning into an essay. So to sum it up, I feel that ‘Darling’ is a song that deserves exposure and has all the different elements that make it deserve to be a hit. I encourage you to take a listen and if you like it share my post and play it over and over again. 

Oh and by the way, if you are unsure, I adore this song!

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