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Rowan releases new single ‘Big Wave’.

Rowan photographed by Zyanya Lorenzo.
Irish Indie- folk band ROWAN has just released a gem of a song called ‘Big Wave’. I love how the Irish accent can be heard in the vocals. Rowan consists of vocalist Dylan Howe, with Fionn Hennessy-Hayes on drums and Kevin Herron on Guitar. Within the song is an awesome bass solo which is great! The song seems to have a huge variety in the music but not so much in the vocals. I like the contrast. ‘Big Wave’ is a song written about the youth of today that is not coping in today’s crazy world. The song was written to help take worries off people’s minds. While I was listening, my interest was captured and it helped me not think about COVID 19 for the duration of the song. The song does not offer solutions, I don’t think there is any at the moment but offers comfort. Check out ‘Big Wave’ here. you won’t regret it! 


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