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The Roost releases new single ‘Leïla’.

The Roost formed in 2016 and their music could be described as sound from the roots of rock, nu-metal, and stoner genres. Their latest single called ‘Leïla’ stood out from all the submissions due to the catchy music and passionate vocals of the lead singer. I can imagine this song played live to an insane audience as the energy in the song conjures thoughts of a mosh pit going crazy. 

‘Leïla’ is a song about the perfect relationship. It explores the concept of love will come when you are ready and that you might have already met the girl/boy of your dreams. Using statements like “The wise man says” makes the lyrics more meaningful. Take a listen to ‘Leïla’ now and I can guarantee that you will have it on your mind all day. In a good way!  



Links to their albums.

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