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Foundry13 release a new single called ‘Lost in Emotions’.

UK band Foundry13 is made up of two brothers James and Joshua. With a general mixture of genres, including indie rock, pop, trap, and alternative rock they have created their own sound. It was the vocal sound that really caught my attention of their latest single called ‘Lost in Emotions’ and the more I listened the more I learnt about the meaning of the lyrics and connected to the song. ‘Lost in Emotions’ is about someone who is pondering over his life and has a moment of true clarity. The lyrics explore his past and the struggles. Anyone that has had struggles will relate and connect to ‘Lost in Emotions’. I admire Foundry13 to have released this song now as we are all struggling with lockdowns and uncertainty about our future. Anything to highlight mental health in this way I like. I also must mention the music of Foundry13 that is also unique and supports the vocals so well. Check out Foundry13’s new single ‘Lost in Emotions’ here. 






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