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The Cry return with new single ‘This Hazy Morning’.

Skateboarders from the ’90s will be ecstatic that The Cry has returned after they seemingly disappeared way back then. They were well known for having their music from their LP Beautiful Reasons in the 1990 skateboard video Hokus Pokus from H-Street Skateboards. This LP only had a limited release on cassette became what legends are made of. The Cry has released new music, especially for their fans. No doubt they are going to gain new fans as their latest release ‘This Hazy Morning’ has an amazing sound. This song has an upbeat sound with a great guitar riff. The vocals are unique and are so relaxed. In the back of my head, I keep thinking that they sound like… then I realise they sound like themselves. Take a listen to Beautiful Reasons below and listen to my fav  ‘Alone’. 

Here is their new track ‘This Hazy Morning’. Welcome back The Cry and your fans are


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