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Sam Gifford releases new single called ‘Something Else’.

Sam Gifford has just released a super catchy single called ‘Something Else’. This song is one of the songs that I listen to and it stays in my head all day. In a good way! Sam tells us that the song is a “reflection of my own life and my own insecurities, thinking back to a time that I let fear prevent me from singing in public”. Interesting isn’t it, as I see Sam as a super talented artist but those damn feelings of inadequacies can be felt by anyone. ‘Something Else’ is about taking risks, and not living a stagnant life. Take a risk for love as it brings so many benefits. 

I can hear a tinge of  Jonnny Eat World in Sam’s sound. Which to me is one hell of a compliment. Take a listen to ‘Something Else’ here. 



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Playing at venues across the UK including the summer festival scene Sam has also taken his music to international stages when touring Germany in 2019. Tour dates in support of Sam’s upcoming EP will be rescheduled later in 2020 following the concerns and safety precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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