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Limón Limón release new single called ‘Routine’.

Far out! Limón Limón always…. and I mean always release catchy and meaningful songs. Their latest single ‘Routine’ is no exception. Each time I listen to a new Limón Limón I think this is their best one yet but then I listen to their other music on Spotify and realise that they are all so damn good! Limón Limón is made up of Jason (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums) and they make a really good team. 

‘Routine’ is a great song for us to hear right now. I feel after weeks of lockdown that I am stuck in a new routine and I really need to mix things up even though many of my options are limited. Thinking back when we were free to go to work, and do our usual things… I was in a rut and really needed to break up the monotony of life. In their usual style, Limón Limón has made ‘Routine’ a catchy tune that fully engages the listener. With great sounding vocals ‘Routine’ does not lack a thing. Take a listen here. 

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