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Moving in Slow releases single called ‘Clean Your Room’.

Laurent Chavannes from Miami has a musical project called Moving in Slow. His sound fuses many genres such as indie rock, emo rock, pop, psychedelia, and punk rock so his music can be enjoyed by many. I am one of those many, right from the start of listening to the latest release called ‘Clean Your Room’ I was transfixed. With a steady drumbeat and a great bass line that lasts throughout the song engaged me. Add in the unique sounding vocal sound of Laurent, vocals that gently get the lyrically meaning across it is a song that has it all. ‘Clean your Room’ explores how people have trouble believing that they are capable of being loved. Sadly this is far too many people in this world. It used to include me, although with age on my side now I have learnt that I am worthy. I do enjoy listening to a song which an artist is able to capture many people’s innermost thoughts and Laurent has definitely done this. Take a listen to ‘Clean Your Room’ here.



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