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Logan Prescott releases new single ‘How We Wanted’.

Indie Pop artist Logan Prescott has just released a single ‘How We Wanted’ drenched in  ’80s Sound. The song is super catchy and shows us how great Logan’s vocal sound is. The music is definitely a throwback to the ’80s. Having lived as a teenager in that decade, I know that it has the sound that I would have listened too back then. ‘How We Wanted’ makes me feel pretty chilled but the music also makes me want to dance. I adore the guitar strings being plucked and how Logan’s vocals match the music. Musically there are as many variations as the vocals. Having previous success on Indie Shuffle and his songs being part of many playlists, I think that this will happen to ‘How We Wanted’ as well. Take a listen here, you will not be disappointed!

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