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Lucid Hoops drops new single ‘Night Time’.

Lucid Hoops is made up of Ash, Luke and Twins Connor and Jack who are passionate about their music. The name Lucid Hoops is based on a name that Ash came up for herself as a child. Their sound is the 1990’s and 2000’s alternative rock, my fav time of alt rock, so it is no wonder that I loved their latest release called ‘Night Time’. I admire the honesty in their music, they are not afraid to touch on real issues. 

‘Night Time’ is from their EP called ‘Diviner’ out soon, and of course they would have been touring with this EP, we need to be patient for that. ‘Night Time’ starts off with a great guitar riff, then Ash starts to sing. This is when I knew that I would love this song. Ash vocal sound has so much variation. Strong for a few words, then soft yet resiliant to finish the sentence. Also they are full of emotion appropriate to the meaning of the song. The lyrics are pretty clear in regard to their meaning. The song explores a one sided relationship that one person is only interested in being together in the night time. Who wants to be used as a night time sexual partner without the relationship part? Not me! Once they decide that enough is enough, they can let go and start living on their own. ‘Night Time’ highlights that people can’t just pick and choose what they want, and not be aware of the other persons needs. Well written meaningful lyrics!

Take a listen to ‘Night Time’ here. 



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