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Pink Elefant drops new single called ‘Blame on Me’.

Since I first heard ‘Blame on Me’ by Pink Elefant it has been in the background of mind, and every now and then I start humming or singing it. In a good way just to make that clear! That to me is a sign of a great song!  ‘Blame on Me’ is a combination of contemporary pop and old school Hip Hop. The members of Pink Elefant are inspired by “Pink Elephants on Parade” that expresses human emotions through sound. They are all bring something unique to the table for the band. They want to inspire people to challenge themselves and take risks. 

Not only does ‘Blame on Me’ sound brilliant, with its quirky music and beautiful vocals it also has a deep meaning. It explores toxic relationships. If you have not had a toxic relationship before you are very lucky. Those who have will relate to ‘Blame on Me’ discussing how these sort of relationships destroy self-esteem and then we wonder what went wrong.

I enjoy the way ‘Blame on Me’ vocals are the driving force, especially in the verses. They build up slowly to the chorus, then there is a change in pace. This variation really makes the song unique and stand out. Take a listen here. 


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